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Savary Island is completely off-the-grid. It's laid back. This is a real treat for the nature lover, someone who is committed to green living, and who can appreciate being among 2nd growth douglas firs and where electromagnetism is very low - as it is off-grid. 

You have the land to yourself, so urbanite beware, if you are looking for a 5-star hotel service, this is the wrong place - although my caretaker on island will be available to help, and I'll be a phone call away . Also, it's an older cabin. No drywall. Just cedar, and we are keeping it unvarnished on purpose, cause we like the scent of cedar with its natural oil. Every year, nature takes over, and we do improvement to the cabin, but things on Savary Island, being that is barge and watertaxi only, move pretty slowly - and that's the beauty of it.

Travelers will have to be able to operate a small generator once a day and let it run for 2 hrs (very straight forward - I operate them all the time) and a water pump to fill the cistern (also very easy - if you can handpull a lawnmower, you can do it). My caretaker will meet you at your arrival to show you how to handle it all. 

About the cabin and Savary Island

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